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The Macallan Edition Series: Whiskies for Alcohol Consumption?

by Reggie

Possibilities are you’ve encountered the Macallan Edition series. If you adhere to whisky accounts, you’ll have, I’m specific, see the rainbow colors of the Macallan Editions. Possibly you have also obtained a couple of them.

Yet, have you attempted them?

That feels like a strange question to ask. It’s whisky. What’s it for, otherwise to consume? But Macallan appears to be among those brand names prized, appropriately or wrongly, as an investment; so, while many containers, promoted on shelves, or sold at public auction – maybe not numerous are opened and put. I believe this is likely specifically real of the ‘restricted version’ releases from Macallan, of which the macallan edition set 1-6 is an archetype.

What Is the Macallan Edition Series?

The Macallan Edition series is a collection of 6 solitary malt whiskies, each representing a ‘column’ of whisky making at Macallan. The six whiskies have been released annually over the past few years as minimal versions. In each situation, the whisky was made in partnership with partners from various other professions – from perfumeries to chefs.

The full lineup of the six is as follows:

Edition No. 1: released in 2015 at 48.1% ABV, eight American and European oak casks were picked by Master Whiskymaker Bob Dalgarno to celebrate Macallan’s barrel monitoring plan.

Version No. 2: released in 2016 at 48.2% ABV, 7 casks from 4 bodegas were chosen by Master Whiskymaker Bob Dalgarno along with the 3 Roca bros (co-founders of world-renowned dining establishment, El Celler de Can Roca) to commemorate Macallan’s dedication to sourcing the most effective oak casks.

Edition No. 3: launched in 2017 at 48.3%, a cooperation between Bob Dalgarno and Master Perfumer Roja Dove to commemorate Macallan’s method of whisky making.

Version No. 4: released in 2018 at 48.4%, developed by Master Distiller Nick Savage to celebrate Macallan’s whisky-making heritage.

Version No. 5: released in 2019 at 48.5% Master Whiskymaker Sarah Burgess in collaboration with the Pantone Shade Institute to commemorate Macallan’s natural color.

Edition No. 6: released in 2020 at 48.6%, Whisky Maker Steven Bremner chose five-barrel kinds in collaboration with Hardy and The Macallan’s Ghillie. Macallan No. 6 is influenced by the river Spey and the natural surroundings at The Macallan Estate.

Macallan Edition No 6 Tasting Notes

So, that’s enough of the background – allow’s try Macallan Edition No 6!

Color: Natural color; bronzed gold. Coats my capital with splits that gradually sink the side of the glass.

Nose: Complex yet structured. Notes of toffee apples, plums, peaches in syrup, orchard bloom, oak, and vanilla. The alcohol is well integrated.

Palate: Medium mouthfeel. Vanilla fudge, as well as a lot more toffee apples. Ripe plums, dried-out oranges, as well as top-quality milk chocolate. Oak from the barrels with a touch of gentle timber flavor. Once more, the alcohol in Macallan Version No 6 is well integrated without melting. Check Out Macallan 25 year old sherry oak.

End up: Medium to the lengthy surface with abundant fruit and fudge to finish with a little warming wood spice.

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