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Why the Kamado Classic Joe Line of BBQs 2U is the Ideal Option for Grilling?

by Reggie

One of the top independent retailers of Kamado Joe, Ooni pizza ovens, and Napoleon grills in the UK is BBQs 2u. They know about all types of grills and have great knowledge to impart to their clients.

There is a Barbeque for everyone, whether you prefer gas or charcoal. Further, they are also popular for providing the best customer service and support.

BBQs 2u provides a series of Kamado Joe. One of them is Kamado Joe – Classic Joe BBQs grills. These grills have an 18-inch cooking surface, making them ideal for any event or cooking ability. You can also pick your experience package to get the best price.

 Each set has many different features:

· Elements pack

It consists of Kamado Joe Fire Starters, Kamado Joe Cover, and Large Block Charcoal.

· Discovery pack

It includes the elements pack and a Kamado Joe Pizza Stone, Grate, and Cast Iron Griddle.

· Explorer pack

It includes the discovery pack along with Kamado Joe Soapstone and Laser Cut Stainless Kamado Joe and Durable Steel Vegetable and Fish & Grate.

· Adventurer pack

It includes Kamado Joe’s Basket Set, Grate, Cast Iron Griddle, and JoeTisserie.

· Quest pack

It consists of the element pack plus Kamado Joe Pizza Peel and Kamado Joe DoJoe.

· Voyager pack

This pack is a combination of the explorer pack, the adventurer pack, and the quest pack.

Kamado Joe – Classic Joe grills come in different series such as Kamado Joe – Classic I BBQs, Classic II BBQs, and Classic III BBQs.

Kamado Joe – Classic I BBQs are the most famous and suitable starting-level grills. With 18” cooking space, these grills are suitable for any event and a chef of any experience level.

For ordinary outdoor cooking and smoking, the Classic I of Kamado Joe ceramic charcoal barbecue an ideal system.

The 2-tier Divide & Conquer versatile cooking system and the flexible 18-inch cooking surface of the Classic Joe I are built-in conveniences for cooking.

Kamado Joe – Classic II BBQs is another popular grill. In the Kamado Joe line, the Classic II grill offers excellent value.

This model contains a variety of brand-new features while upholding the excellent standards of workmanship and creativity that have come to be associated with Kamado Joe, making it among the most cutting-edge kamado grills on the market right now.

The most recent, hottest, and most high-tech Kamado Joe grill is the Kamado Joe – Classic III BBQs. It also comes with a premium cart and enhanced side shelves.

Further, the innovative SloRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber is also part of it. The food tastes excellent when cooked slowly and at low flame.

The SloRoller, created by Harvard University, uses a cyclonic airflow technique to utilize the potential of cyclonic airflow for minimizing heat and smoke.

You can replace the SloRoller with heat deflector plates if you want to grill at higher temperatures. It helps in enhancing the flavour and consistency of food on moderate cooking up to 500°F.

There is a vast selection of practical and revolutionary accessories to help you improve and enhance your Kamado Joe barbecue adventure.

Go through the website of BBQs 2U various categories to find the accessory that you wish to add to the list. For better assistance, you can contact their customer service

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